Maximize the Potential of Your iPad

Maximize the Potential of Your iPad

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Whether you're a college student, office worker, or just an Apple fan, a new iPad can be a life-changing purchase. 
These are some of our favorite stands, cases, pencil cases, pencil stands, and overall accessories no matter which iPad you own. 


Made in Korea to ensure quality, this stand utilizes strong magnets to keep your tablet in place. The adjustable viewing angle that is not commonly found in most iPad stands is perfect for any WFH or dual-monitor set-up. Definitely a long-term investment that's worth the price. 


2. Classic Apple Pencil Case 

A trendy pencil case that looks like an analog pencil? Say no more! While there are currently more color options available for the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil, we still have a version for the original Apple Pencil 1 with the lightning port connection.
Note: When installing your Apple Pencil case, make sure you have the side labeled "magnetic" aligned with the flat part of your Apple Pencil otherwise it will not charge.


3. Tablet and Laptop Sleeve

We've always been frustrated with tablet & laptop cases that only come with literally one pocket for your device. Luckily, the designers here at elago stepped up to the challenge and designed the perfect (and we mean perfect) case. Not only is there an additional smaller pouch on the front to hold accessories or a smartphone, but there are additional slots and pockets on the inside to maximize capacity in a minimal way. 
Available in 3 sizes and multiple colors. 


4. Home Stand for Apple Pencil and Any Tablet Stylus 

Available in 3 different color variations, this stand is what it is—a home for your stylus (complete with a little chimney)!
Looking for a simpler design? Check out our Silicone Stand


5. iPad Smart Folio Case 

Available with or without a clasp and in a renewed magnetic version. Be sure to thoroughly read through the compatibility and purchase the one that is right for your model of iPad!
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