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Best Affordable Valentine's Day Tech Gifts 2023

Posted by Sumin Kim on

Let's face it—Valentine's Day might be the best and only day to use as an excuse to pick up cute couple gifts (like matching phone cases and AirPods). It also doesn't have to just be if you're dating. Show love for your closest friendsby celebrating Palentine's or Galentine's Day Instead.

No matter what the situation you're in, here are the best tech gifts that range from casual to serious to help you celebrate this Valentine's day!


1. Glide Case for iPhone

Available for the iPhone 13 and 14 series, this is hands down the best Valentine's Day Gift. Why you ask? It's because both the colored bottom part and camera portions are removable and interchangeable with other Glide Cases. This means if you get one for yourself and the other as a gift you can mix and match the pieces ;)


2. Duo Case for Apple Watch

There's no better feeling than swapping out a crusty and old Apple Watch Strap with something clean and brand new. 

And, just like our Glide Cases, the Apple Watch Duo Strap cases can be mixed and matched as well (in case you wanted to pick up more than one). Just make sure to get their size right!


3. AW5 Gaming Case for AirPods Pro

Different color options for Player 1 and Player 2. Enough said. Also available for AirPods 1&2, 3, and Pro 2.

In keeping with the Gaming theme, be sure to also check out our Gaming AirTag cases and Gaming Apple Watch Stand!


4. Beads Strap

This cute, dainty, and versatile gift can be attached to AirPods Pro 2s, the sides of phone cases, or laptop cases. 


5. MBTI Case for iPhone 13

Nothing says "I love you" like a personalize-able MBTI phone case! The graphic sticker sheet included makes it fun for either the gift giver or receiver to make it a little bit more sentimental. 

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What is Apple MagSafe & Why You Should Use it | Top 5 MagSafe Accessories

Posted by Sumin Kim on

MagSafe is a magnetic, wireless charging technology designed by Apple and introduced in the iPhone 12 models and later. Not only does it create a more convenient and safe attachment for a faster wireless charge, but it opens up a whole range of new tech accessories that will optimize your workflow and desk-setup. 

What is the difference between Wireless-Charging Compatible and MagSafe Compatible

elago accessories that are MagSafe compatible are designed with built-in magnets that snap and securely attach to iPhone models that have an integrated MagSafe compatibility (iPhone 12 and later). On the other hand, accessories that are simply Wireless-Charging compatible mean that when placed on a MagSafe or wireless charger, the device will still charge, but not with the magnetic, MagSafe attachment.  For more information, check out our video here

Thinking of integrating a MagSafe charger into your Apple-ecosystem? Check out our most beloved MagSafe Compatible accessories below!

1. MagSafe Silicone Case for iPhone 14

Looking for something less colorful and more simple? Check out our MagSafe Clear Cases. These best-selling MagSafe silicone cases are also available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models


2. MS1 Charging Stand for Apple Devices

Available in 4 colors, this MagSafe stand will elegantly charge and hold your phone at the same time, elevating your desk-setup!


3. Trio 2 Charging Hub for Apple Devices

Apple fans will typically own more than one item in the ecosystem, which is why we invented a 3-in-1 Charging Trio to organize your cables and optimize your Apple workflow. This convenient stand is available in 3 colors.

4. Charging Hub Duo for Apple Devices

While our trio-charging hubs are made for 3 specific Apple Devices (iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch) the Charging Hub Duo holds 2 wireless chargers for any 2 compatible devices. Available in 4 colors. 


5. Grip Stand for MagSafe Charger

Charging and scrolling has never been more comfortable with our MagSafe Grip specifically designed for convenience. Not only is it available in 8 colors, but it also places your phone at an optimal viewing angle if you choose to prop it on its side.


Shop all elago MagSafe accessories here

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14 Retro Cases & Tech Accessories That Will Make You Nostalgic

Posted by Sumin Kim on

Looking for some unique tech accessories that have a retro feel and bring a wave of nostalgia? Look no further because elago has some of the most clever retro designs and cases for everything from the AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 14 to the Apple TV Remote and AirTag.

The best part? The majority of the designs are available in a variety of colors, styles, and models. 

Game Console-Inspired

1. AW5 Case for AirPods 1&2/3/Pro/Pro 2

Available in 3 different color options and for all models of the AirPods Pro (as well as for some Galaxy Buds models) is this Gameboy-inspired case.


2. R4 Retro Case for Apple TV Remote

Depending on your model of Apple TV remote, this console-controller like case is available in 4-6 color variations! In addition, there's also a matching case for your Apple TV, available in 2 colors. 

3. W5 Gaming Console Case for AirTag

Keep your AirTag attached and easily loseable items under control with this case available in 3 colors. 


4. W5 Watch Stand for Apple Watch

Charge your Apple Watch in style with this classic stand! The cutout that reveals the screen of the Apple Watch is just the icing on the cake to bring the retro look to life; available in 4 colors.  


Classic iPod Shuffle-Inspired

5. W7 Shuffle Case for AirTag

Down to the "on switch" and raised buttons, this case will have you thinking it will play music like the classic iPod Shuffle. However we prefer it for it's modern day use of holding and attaching your Apple AirTag to some precious belongings; available in 2 colors.

6. AW6 Hang Case for AirPods 1&2/Pro

Available in the two original colors that were originally available for the iPod, this case is a definite "if you know you know" design. What's better an homage to the original music player for an AirPods case design? 

7. W6 Stand for Apple Watch

Charge your Apple Watch while playing music to emulate the classic MP3 Players and iPods; available in 2 colors. 


"Hello" Macintosh 128K-Inspired

Taking us back to 1984, here are three designs based on what started it all: The Apple Macintosh. 

8. AW3 Case for AirPods 1&2/3/Pro

9. W4 Stand for Apple Watch

10. W3 Stand for Apple Watch


Bonus: Other Retro Tech Accessories

11. GWT3 Stand for Galaxy Watch

Inspired by an AOD Clock, this is the perfect charging stand for your Galaxy Watch. 


12. Floppy Disk Case for AirTag

Save yourself the trouble of attaching your AirTag with 


13. Floppy Disk Case for AirPods 3

14. W8 Stand for Apple Watch

Although simpler than a TI-84, this clever calculator-inspired Apple Watch Charging stand will fit in with anyone's desktop setup. 


Shop the all the above designs from elago here.

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The 5 Best Tech-Accessories of 2022 and What to Expect for 2023

Posted by Sumin Kim on

In 2022 we experienced several new releases like the iPhone 14 series, AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, and Galaxy Z-Flip 4.

More tech meant more accessories; here's a look back at some of our favorite accessories from the entire year. Read until the end to see our predictions for what will be popular in 2023!

1. Glide Case for iPhone 14 Pro ($16.99)

Because a case is a necessary investment to keep your iPhone clean and protected from drops and scratches, make sure whatever you pick is something that you actually like.

The elago signature Glide Cases were a 2022 best-seller because they provide just a splash of color, and the parts can be mixed and matched!

p.s. If you're shopping for a new iPhone, remember to get a Camera Protector and Tempered Glass Screen Protector as well (especially if you opted out of AppleCare coverage)


2. Classic Pencil Case for Apple Pencil 1st Generation ($14.49)

While 2022 seemed to be the year for new tech (including iPads), in a turn of events, one of our best-sellers was our case for the original Apple Pencil. Thus, due to popular demand, we also expanded our color selections!

You can also find the version for the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil here


3. Trio 2 Charging Hub for Apple Devices ($27.99)

If you haven't started using a MagSafe charger yet, put it on your 2023 New Years Resolution list. Because most people who own one Apple product also own another, a Charging Station for every Apple item you own all in one just makes sense. 


4. Avocado Case for AirTag ($11.99)

All we avo wanted for the avocado trend to make a return...and it did, but this time in an arguably more useful way. Our original avocado AirTag case was a fan-favorite across social media and a top recommendation if you're looking for a way to protect your airtag and attach it to anything. 

5. MapleStory | elago 

Whether you're a die-hard MapleStory fan or just a casual gamer, the adorable monsters in this officially licensed collaboration definitely stole our hearts.

We are also planning on renewing the collection for later smartphone models.

These were the Top 5 Accessories from 2022 for the latest in tech, but check out our predictions and suggestions for what you should get in 2023.


1. Magnetic Stand for iPads ($110.99)


2023 is the year of the iPad and portable tablets—we're calling it now. Not only do they boost efficiency and optimize workflow, but they are one of the most practical devices (besides for laptop) for anyone from students to serious working professionals. That's why we say that if you decide to get an iPad this year, get a stand as well.

Made in Korea to ensure quality, this stand utilizes strong magnets to keep your tablet in place. The adjustable viewing angle that is not commonly found in most iPad stands is perfect for any WFH or dual-monitor set-up. Definitely a long-term investment that's worth the price. 


2. H Stand for AirPods Max ($48.99)

From Jenna Ortega and Attorney Woo to your local TikTok influencer, it seems everyone these days is wearing a set of headphones. Whether it's for fashion or for function, we predict headphones like the AirPods Max will be trending in 2023. If you need a clean, tidy, and aesthetic way to display and store them, check out our H Stand in addition to our Clear Case for AirPods Max. 

 3. AW5 Case with Strap for AirPods Pro 2 ($18.99) 

It's no secret the AIrPods Pro 2 were a significant upgrade from the AirPods Pro—shockingly without a price increase. Given how we can't ignore the changes (2x noise cancelling, built in volume-control, upgraded Find My features) we predict that AirPods Pro 2 will also be in high-demand this upcoming year. If you're hopping on the trend, be sure to get a stylish case like this Gameboy-inspired one, our browse the rest of our designs

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide: What to Get YOURSELF this Holiday Season

Posted by Sumin Kim on

Rather than wait for a New Year's resolution, try thanking yourself for the hard work you've put into everything you've done this year. 

We believe that a minimal and sleek tech accessory is the most versatile gift that will fit anyone—especially you. We've prepared some ideas for how you can treat yourself, and be sure to check out the sale details at the end!

Did you upgrade to a new iPhone?
Lucky for you, we carry cases for pretty much every iPhone model. While we nearly every color in our classic Silicone Cases, our personal favorite are the Glide Cases available for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series. Not only are the parts interchangeable for when you can't decide what color phone you want, but it's sturdy enough to last a lifetime. 
These days, it seems most people can't leave their house without AirPods for the commute, a workout, a dance session, or a phone call. An AirPods case is the perfect balance between something that is both useful and aesthetic. Check out our Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case for your fun friend, or if you're looking for something more toned down and minimal, you can't go wrong with our Liquid Silicone Cases

Decorate your Apple pencil with our best-selling Apple Pencil Cases that come in a variety of colors as well as two exclusively adorable LINE FRIENDS and BT21 Collaborations. 
Are you someone who works from home, a college student, an artist, or just an Apple-iPad enthusiast? If so, definitely check out our Magnetic Folio Case and Magnetic Stand. While a bit more of a long-term investment, our stand is not only sturdy and durable, but easily rotates 360 degrees in order to accommodate any viewing angle. You (and your lower back pain) deserve only the best materials and quality.
4. Stands 
You can never go wrong with a literal stand, whether it's an Apple Watch Stand, Headphone Stand, or MagSafe Charging Station. 
Year after year, our number one best seller is our W2 Stand for the Apple Watch, so if you get this, we can guarantee other people have definitely liked it.
If you're looking for something a little bit more deluxe and unique in terms of design, our MS5 Stand for both the iPhone and Apple Watch is a must see.
Christmas tree ornaments? No, they're AirTag Cases that allow you to attach an AirTag to things that are easily misplaced like car keys, wallets, bags, or even pet collars. 

Our 2022 Holiday sale runs from December 10th all the way through the 26th, so be sure to use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off your entire purchase at

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