Artist Collaboration Project: elago Meets “Shuto”

Artist Collaboration Project: elago Meets “Shuto”

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elago Meets Shuto Okayasu

Intrigued by the above trailer? Check out elago's exclusive interview with Shuto here



After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University Japan, Okayasu moved to New York in 2015 to pursue his artistic career.

Okayasu’s work explores the dual nature of things - strange and beautiful, real and imagined, loud and quiet, chaos and harmony.

Through the process of art marking, what he considers as an endless practice of recording and rebuilding,

He lets his mind travel freely between the two worlds; offline and online, the present and the dream, and the past and the future.

Through this collaboration, the artwork 'Eternal River' beautifully captures the essence of joy and delight.

At the same time, it delicately unravels the contrasting emotional states of a lonely and isolated pianist, presenting a unique and evocative interpretation.




Find a fragment of Shuto's work and himself that will naturally belong in our daily lives with the collection designed in collaboration with us below:


1. elago meets Shuto case for iPhone 15 Series

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2. elago meets Shuto Case for AirPods Pro 2

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3. elago meets Shuto Keyring


Hang this premium acrylic keyring on anything to turn it into a thought provoking piece of art.


4. elago meets Shuto MagSafe Card Wallet

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