Tech Accessories for the Coquette in You this Valentine's Day

Tech Accessories for the Coquette in You this Valentine's Day

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If you've been on Instagram or listening to Lana Del Ray you've seen the pastel pink bows coquette-ifying everything. From eggs to makeup to now tech—these are the best accessories to amplify your Margot Robbie Barbie Pink aesthetic this Valentine's Day. And, what's better than hopping on a 2024 Valentine's Day Sale? Use code "URTHE1" for 20% off you're ENTIRE order at checkout through February 9th. 


1. Smart Folio Case for iPad

Our completely magnetic folio case not only works with our magnetic iPad stand that attaches your iPad securely with magnets so it doesn't slip off the display stand, but the front cover also easily removes when you need your iPad to lay flat while writing, drawing, or taking notes.


2. Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Cover

Turn your Apple Pencil into a real one. Compatible with magnetic charging and the double tap function.


3. Silicone Stand for Apple Pencil 1st & 2nd Generation

Keep your Apple Pencil within reach with this handy stand. In the backdrop of our most viral TikTok videos, this stand for your drawing stylus is a fan-favorite.


4. Liquid Hybrid Case for AirPods Pro

Add a pop of color to your AirPods Pro with our soft and durable silicone case. The tops don't fall off and the strap keeps them on your person.


5. Silicone Case for Galaxy S24 Plus

Dress up your Galaxy S24 Plus in this chic silicone case. Its smooth finish and vibrant color options make it the perfect accessory to complement your device.


6. MagSafe Grip Stand

Hold your MagSafe charger in this convenient grip that you can either put your hand through to secure your phone, or prop it up while you're watching something. Whether you're in StandBy mode or just charging your phone, this is a must ahave.


7. AirPods Pro Stand Charging Dock

Organize and hide messy cables while charging your AirPods. Compatible with USB-C to lightning authentic Apple Cables.

This Valentine's Day, treat yourself or your loved ones to these stylish tech accessories that are as functional as they are fashionable. Embrace the coquette aesthetic and make a statement with every gadget you carry. 




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