How to Install an elago Wall Plate for Nest Thermostat

How to Install an elago Wall Plate for Nest Thermostat

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So you've turned your home into a smart-home, but need a sturdy wall plate to mount your Nest Thermostat 2020 to your walls, hassle-free.

Look no further than elago's Wall Plate Plus 2 for Nest Thermostat 2020. 

The plate is curved to serve as a natural continuation of the thermostat's design. As elago owns the design patent for circular wall plates, you won't find anything of this quality anywhere else.

The plate is made from durable polycarbonate to ensure that it lasts and also adds a uniform splash of color to the thermostat's surroundings. Each cover is double-coated to ensure longevity.

The plate cover can be easily installed to keep your thermostat looking better than before and help it blend in with your interior design! No need to do any paint or remodeling to install the plate.



1. Find a spot on your wall, placing the elago plate onto it.
2. Attach the nest base plate to the elago plate.
3. Align the holes of the plates, taking note to mark where the screws will go. Then, drill the top into place using the provided screws
4. Drill in the bottom screw keeping a steady hand
5. Press the Nest Thermostat onto the nest base plate
6. Boot up your Nest Thermostat! You’re ready to roll.

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