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These Valentine Gifts Say "Be Mine"

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Let's face it—Valentine's Day might be the best and only day to use as an excuse to pick up cute couple gifts (like matching phone cases and AirPods). It also doesn't have to just be if you're dating. Show love for your closest friendsby celebrating Palentine's or Galentine's Day Instead.
No matter what the situation you're in, here are the best tech gifts that range from casual to serious to help you celebrate this Valentine's day!


1. Glide Case for iPhone

Available for the iPhone 13 and 14 series, this is hands down the best Valentine's Day Gift. Why you ask? It's because both the colored bottom part and camera portions are removable and interchangeable with other Glide Cases. This means if you get one for yourself and the other as a gift you can mix and match the pieces ;)


2. Duo Case for Apple Watch

There's no better feeling than swapping out a crusty and old Apple Watch Strap with something clean and brand new. 
And, just like our Glide Cases, the Apple Watch Duo Strap cases can be mixed and matched as well (in case you wanted to pick up more than one). Just make sure to get their size right!


3. AW5 Gaming Case for AirPods Pro

Different color options for Player 1 and Player 2. Enough said. Also available for AirPods 1&2, 3, and Pro 2.
In keeping with the Gaming theme, be sure to also check out our Gaming AirTag cases and Gaming Apple Watch Stand!


4. Beads Strap

This cute, dainty, and versatile gift can be attached to AirPods Pro 2s, the sides of phone cases, or laptop cases. 


5. MBTI Case for iPhone 13

Nothing says "I love you" like a personalize-able MBTI phone case! The graphic sticker sheet included makes it fun for either the gift giver or receiver to make it a little bit more sentimental. 

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