Acoustic Amplification Stand

Acoustic Amplification Stand


AMPLIFICATION : Acoustic amplification is the name of the game! Entirely free of electronics, this stand increases the output volume of your iPhone 7 Plus and allows for music to be played in your office or while relaxing in your living room.

INSTALLATION : Installation could not be easier. Strong magnets hold your stand together, but can easily be taken apart with your hands to set your charging cable in place.

CABLE MANAGEMENT : If you haven't heard about us before, one thing we bring to the table is cable management. Our stands have ways to manage your cables to avoid clutter and damage. A cut out was designed into the stand to allow your device to be charged while it is resting and amplifying your music!

DESIGN : The elago Acoustic Amplification Stand is made entirely of transparent acrylic which gives it a very modern and sophisticated look. In this digital age of mass production, we wanted to bring a new mix of classic and modern design.

DETAILED DESIGN WITH BROAD COMPATIBILITY : The A Stand was designed for the iPhone 7 Plus and can be used with a majority of elago cases. Phone slot has a length of 72mm and a width of 11.5mm; it can hold smartphones such as the iPhone 6 and non-S6 Galaxy smartphones.

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