Lock for Nest Thermostat - White

Lock for Nest Thermostat - White


HOME PROTECTION- Keep your Nest Thermostat or Thermostat E guarded from children's reach or any other risks at home.  

PUBLIC PROTECTION- Guard your thermostat from being misused or stolen by securely locking it with the elago Nest Lock. 

DESIGN: Did you know that the Nest Thermostat has sensors? The elago Nest Lock cleverly protects without interrupting these sensors. It keeps true to the simplistic and modernized feel of the Nest Thermostat.

EASY INSTALLATION: Simply slip on the cover to complete the installation. No need for remodeling or readjustment  whatsoever.

FUNCTION: elago Lock Case restricts the use of the dial, only allowing the front of the Thermostat to be visible to the public. While locked, changes in the Nest Thermostat can only be made through the app.

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