Aluminum Lightning Cable - Rose Gold

Aluminum Lightning Cable - Rose Gold


LIGHTNING CABLE FOR APPLE DEVICES : Lightning Cable has a simple design that excludes unnecessary elements. When designing the elago Aluminum Lightning Cable we wanted to theme it similarly - minimalist design with added protection. Not only are you getting added protection, but our cable is Apple MFi certified; this means that our cables contain the same chips as the Apple charger cables.

USB POWERED : elago Aluminum Lightning Cable is to be used with a standard USB outlet. You can charge your device in the convenience of your home or through a car charger while you are on the go!

FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH IOS : elago Aluminum Cable is made for the iPhone and has the same specifications as Apple's charging cable.

4-LINE COATING : The problem with today's cables is that the wire can get damaged storing it the wrong way or even from extended use.Our solution is the 4-Line Coating. By adding 4 layers of coating to the crucial wires, we deter the type of damage that is most prevelant to cables. What this means is that you will have a sturdy cable that will last.

CABLE BAND : Included with each elago Aluminum Lightning Cable is a Cable Band. The Cable Band is a thin strip that allows you to neatly organize how your cable rests.

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