L4 Stand - Silver

L4 Stand - Silver


Ergonomic design : When using the L4 laptop stand, your laptop comes up to eye level. This ergonomic design helps maintain a comfortable sitting position and helps in preventing turtle neck and neck disc syndrome.

Optimize your work space : The area under your L4 Stand (width 12.36 inches) is used primarily for office documents (A4: 11.69 inches) and can accommodate various office supplies.

Excellent natural cooling : Solid aluminum has high thermal conductivity which efficiently prevents overheating and cools the heat in the air around your laptop during prolonged use.

Maximize efficiency : Commonly used in accordance to your monitor and height to provide a comfortable environment. Working height, when used as a dual monitor, is placed on the same line of height to minimize eye fatigue.

Compatible with most laptops : The L4 Stand was designed to fit almost all 11 inch to 17 inch laptop computers.When used with an Apple product, a unity of design takes place.

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