Armor Case for iPhone 7 Plus - Lovely Pink

Armor Case for iPhone 7 Plus - Lovely Pink


MILITARY DROP TEST CERTIFIED : Our elago Armor case for the iPhone 7/8 Plus has been through rigorous military drop testing and passed with certification number ETC D2464.

SECRET POCKET : A secret pocket, located inside the case, allows you to carry cards or cash with you at all times.

LEXAN RESIN : To improve the durability of our cases, we have introduced LEXAN Resin. LEXAN Resin is used in NFL helmets, NASA helmets, and bullet proof glass.

ASSET PROTECTION : As the LCD screen and camera are the most susceptible to shock damage, we have designed the armor case to distribute the shock elsewhere - allowing for great protection of your iPhone's assets!

WARRANTY : All elago iPhone 7/8 Plus cases come with an extended 1 year breakage warranty. If your case breaks within a year of purchase, please contact us for support!

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