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How to Charge Your Apple Watch Using an Apple Watch Stand

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 1. Locate your MagSafe Apple Watch Charger


It's important to note that Apple Watches charge using a MagSafe connection rather than an inserted USB cable like the iPhone. This means that you charge your Apple Watch by placing it on the charging pad.


2. Slip the USB Cable through the USB Port on the Apple Watch Stand

Note that our Apple Watch stands are made to fit only Apple-certified Apple Watch chargers and are not guaranteed to work with third party devices. 



3. Push the Charging Pad into the Circular Cutout

The MagSafe Charging Pad should fit snugly inside the cutout on any of our Apple Watch Stands. Once it's in place, you can now place your watch onto the stand and charge it!


For Apple's complete guide on charging your Apple Watch click here


Looking for an Apple Watch Stand? Check Out Our Best-Sellers Below

1. W3 Apple Watch Stand

Turn your Apple Watch into a mini original Macintosh, with this stand that is perfect for any tech geeks or hardcore Apple fans. Looking for a similar design with a pop of color? Check out our W4 Apple Watch Stand in Aqua Blue and Aqua Pink. 


2.  W2 Stand for Apple Watch

Available in 9 different colors, this stand has a sleek minimal look that will go with just about everything.  Looking for something just as minimal with a cute twist? Check out our LINE FRIENDS | elago W2 Stand that comes in 3 different LINE FRIENDS character variations. 

3. W5 Apple Watch Stand

This Gameboy-inspired Apple Watch Stand is made for people who can't get enough of retro accessories. Available 4 colors. 


4.  W9 Stand for Apple Watch Ultra

Transform your Apple Watch Ultra into a retro computer monitor with our W9 stand detailed with retro keys and buttons. Available in 2 colors.  

5. W6 Stand for Apple Watch

Bring back the retro iPod Shuffle and Nano while keeping the convenience of Spotify & Apple Music with this W6 stand, available in 2 colors. 

Fan of MagSafe and looking to charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone in one convenient place? Check out our MS5 Duo Charging Stand for Apple Devices

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How to Charge Apple Pencil with a Case On

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 Are you having difficulties getting your Apple Pencil 2 to charge magnetically when an elago case is installed? Look no further for a solution, you're in the right place.

1. Find the side of your Apple Pencil Case labeled "Magnetic"

Although our Apple Pencil case design is aesthetically seamless, only one side of the case is built to work with the magnetic charging. In some instances, other sides of the case will still attach magnetically, but will not charge so make sure you have properly located the side of the case labeled "Magnetic." 

2. Align the side labeled Magnetic with the FLAT edge of your Apple Pencil that connects to your iPad

 If your Apple Pencil isn't charging when the case is installed, it's likely because the side labeled "magnetic" is NOT aligned with the flat edge of your case. When sliding your pencil case on, be sure that it does not rotate or shift. 

3. Attach the eraser to the end of your Apple Pencil 

Add the "eraser" end cap to the end of your pencil to finish the installation! 

4. Connect your Apple Pencil case to the side of your iPad

If installed correctly, it should attach and charge. You're done! If you have any further complications, be sure to watch our walkthrough video here

For more informative tech-accessory videos and how-tos be sure to check out our official TikTok page @elago_official

Be sure to check out for all your tech-accessory needs.

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7 Desk-setup Ideas That Boost Productivity

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Are you looking for ways to declutter and elevate your workspace? Searching for ways to cleanly organize all your cables? With elago's tech accessories, the desk-setup of your dreams is at your fingertips. Welcome to your new workspace

1. Magnetic Cable Organizers

Snap your cables into place and keep your entire desk tidy with cable organizers. Although this station of three is great for most people's needs, if you're looking for a more flexible structure with more holders, check our our pack of individual Cable Management Buttons.

2. Magnetic iPad Stand

Say goodbye to tech-neck and lower back pain with this completely rotatable and adjustable magnetic iPad stand. The stand comes with a magnetic ring sticker to attach to the back of your existing iPad case, and a separate metal ring product is also coming soon (you can use this magnetic stand with any other tablet pcs; i.e. Galaxy Tab)!

You can also get our compatible Magnetic Folio Case. The added bonus is that the back flap completely detaches so it doesn't get in the way of your productivity or your stand. Let it lay down flat. 

3. Home Stand for Apple Pencil and Any Tablet Stylus

Create a literal home for your stylus right at your desk-top. Not only does it look modern and chic, but it serves a very functional purpose of keeping your Apple Pencil from rolling away and makes it easy to find.

4. Trio 2 Charging Hub for Apple Devices

Consolidate all your devices and charge them all at in on convenient place with a MagSafe charging hub. While this specific model can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once, check out our charging iPhone MagSafe stands, trays or 2 in-1 stations here

5. L2 Stand for Macbooks

Wave your wrist-pain goodbye! Keeping your laptop elevated from the desktop clutter not only is an upgrade to your desk-setup, but allows your laptop to cool and reduce risks of overheating as well. Also has a cutout in the back to lace your cords through.

6. H Stand for AirPods Max

Headphones are big and bulky, and can quite often get in the way if they are constantly sitting on your desk. That's why we like to use this simple H Stand to keep them clean, elevated, and clutter-free. 

7. Aluminum Type-C Pocket Pro Hub Adapter

While people usually talk about organizing cables on your desk, no one really mentions organizing the cables that are plugged into your computer. Not only is is this an all-in-one that can take an HDBI, Micro SD, SD, and earphone jack, but it also has an added USB-C, so you don't lose the port you plug it into.

This is quite literally, a jack of all trades.


Check out the rest of our accessories at! 

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Creative Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag | Best AirTag Cases

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What is an Apple AirTag?

Created as apart of the Apple Ecosystem, Apple AirTags are small, circular tracking devices that work with the Find My app. The tracking on the AirTag is surprisingly incredibly specific as it gives directions down to the nearest fraction of a foot, and a soft (but detectable) sound can be triggered from the AirTag from within the Find My app. Read more details on the Apple Page here.


From dog collars to bicycles to backpacks, the search is over. These are some creative ways we use our AirTags the best AirTag cases!


1. Basic Case for AirTag as a Pet Collar

Use any of our AirTag cases to attach to pet collars and track your pets in case they have a tendency to roam free.


2. Silicone Sticker Pads for Flat Objects

While a keychain may be ideal for most items, many (like your e-reader or non-apple tablet) do not have place to hang the keyring. This is where our Sticker Pads come in handy. Use them to hold your AirTag and safely attach them to miscellaneous objects—even bicycles!

3. Snapshot Case for AirPods 3 & AirTag 

Unlike the latest AirPods Pro 2 the built in find my functions on the older generations of AirPods are not as accurate as AirTags in terms of tracking. In addition the case of the AirPods cannot be tracked separately from the buds which is why we like to use our Snapshot cases to attach the AirTag to the front of the case. Bonus points it aesthetically looks like a camera with the AirTag functioning as the lens!

Available for the AirPods Pro here


The rest of our case designs allow the AirTag to become a keychain that can attach to belt loops, backpacks, laptop cases, and anything else you can think of. Here are some of our best selling designs below. 


4. Avocado Case for AirTag

5. Ice Cream Case for AirTag


6. W7 Shuffle Case for AirTag

7. W5 Gaming Console Case for AirTag 


Shop the rest of our AirPods accessories here. 

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Must Have Accessories for the Latest Galaxy S23 | What's New? Samsung Galaxy S23

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This month Samsung unpacked and unveiled the latest Galaxy S23 series.

If you're looking for a quick summary of what's new, here it is

- Nightography and auto lens switching features

- Upgraded camera with 200-pixel(Ultra) sensor and advanced HDR

- New color lineup: Cream, Phantom Black, Green and Lavender

Samsung's latest promotion gives up to $100 credit with every new Galaxy device reservation.

If you're not looking to pre-order (available now), they'll be officially sold starting from February 17th

Of course, with new smartphones comes new tech accessories, and here are some of the best in store for the Galaxy S23. 


1. Glide Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Available in 6 colors this Glide Case is inspired by elago's best selling iPhone 13 and 14 Glide case series. It's unique because the colored part at the bottom is interchangeable with other Glide Cases, adding an extra layer of protection and a pop of style. 


2. Hybrid Clear Case for Galaxy S23

This classic, anti-yellowing hybrid clear case is also available for the S23 Plus as well as the S23 Ultra. The crystal clear design allows you to showcase your devices original colors.


3. Silicone Case for Galaxy S23

Currently available in classic colors Stone, Black, and Lavender, our liquid silicone cases are designed to give the perfect balance of grip and sleekness. These silicone cases are also available for the Galaxy S23 Plus and Ultra


4. Tempered Glass+ Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 / S23

The first thing to do when you get a new phone is to get a screen protector as the last thing you want is your latest investment shattering. Lucky for you, elago's anti-fingerprint tempered glass screen protectors are made to last, and are durable without being invasive. You won't notice any difference in your touch screen functionality despite this added layer of protection.

Also available for the S22/23 Plus.

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