2022 Holiday Gift Guide: The 8 Best Affordable Apple, Samsung, & Tech Accessories

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Stumped for what to get someone for this holiday season? Want to get a good gift without breaking the bank? Here at elago, we've got you covered.

We believe that a minimal and sleek tech accessory is the most versatile gift that will fit anyone. Whether the person you're shopping for is an Apple Lover or a guardian of the Samsung Galaxy, we guarantee you'll find the perfect gift (and maybe even a little something for yourself).

Sale details at the end!

1. Tablet and Laptop Sleeve ($30.99)

Available in multiple colors and 3 sizes, we designed the perfect case that carries your device and has extra pockets for chargers, pencils, or even your smart phone.


2. EarHooks for AirPods ($13.99)

Get this for the friend that has hitting the gym on their New Year's Resolution and they'll be more likely to stick with it. 

As an added bonus, they're so easy to store—just clip them to your case and you're ready to go. 


3. AW5 Case with Strap for AirPods Pro 2 ($21.99)

An identical design is also available for the Galaxy Buds 2 / Pro / Pro 2 / Live and can be found here.


4. W2 Stand for Apple Watch ($11.99)

Our best-selling Apple Watch accessory is available in 9 colors and has a sister model for the Galaxy Watch.

If this design is a little bit too simple for the person you're shopping for, rest assured we have plenty more designs ranging from an old school Mac to a Gaming Console. Shop Apple Watch Stands here and Galaxy Watch Stands here.

5. Pencil Grip for Apple Pencil 2 ($9.99)

If you can't commit to a full coverage Apple Pencil Case, the grips are the perfect alternative. They're also the perfect stocking stuffer for the digital artist in your life.


6. W7 Shuffle Case for AirTag ($11.99)

Another bite-size stocking stuffer, and better yet pair the gift with an actual Apple AirTag for the person in your life that is always losing something. Click here to shop the rest of our AirTag case designs.


7. Premium Silicone Case for iPhone 14 Pro ($14.99)

Our best-selling silicone case is available in 20 colors so we know there's something for everyone. If you know that someone in your life is getting a new device, make sure they're able to protect it as well by picking up one of our cases. Not an iPhone user? Shop our Samsung cases here


8. Trio 1 MagSafe Charging Hub for Apple Devices ($24.99)

The gift for someone that has everything. Shop the rest of our MagSafe accessories here.

Our 2022 Holiday sale runs from December 13th all the way through the 25th, so be sure to use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off your entire purchase at elago.com



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TOP THREE AirPods Pro 2 Accessories | AirPods vs. AirPods Pro 2

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On the fence about switching to the latest AirPods Pro 2? 
Here's a quick overview of everything that's new about the September 2022 Release:

— Volume control on the physical AirPods

— New & improved "Find My" feature

— Noise cancellation and transparency mode 2x better

— Hook built into case for a strap 


Unfortunately, the new redesign has made it so that most old AirPods Pro cases are no longer compatible with the new design, so you will likely have to shop for new AirPods accessories.
Luckily, we've got you—and your wallet covered.
Available in 3 colors and perfect for any serious gamer or casual POGO-er. The best part: it already comes with a carrying strap. 
Maximum protection with a minimal, truly "Apple-like" design.
Need a strap for the built in holder? Shop the version that comes with a round AirPods Pro 2 strap here.
Prefer a carabiner over a strap? Shop our Clear Hang Case for AirPods Pro 2 that comes with a carabiner here
Currently available in 9 colors, we guarantee there's something expressive for everyone!
Need a strap for the built in holder? Shop the version that comes with a round AirPods Pro 2 strap here.
Prefer a carabiner over a strap? Shop our Liquid Hybrid Hang Case for AirPods 2 here
Click here to shop all of our AirPods Pro 2 accessories!
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5 of the Best iPad Accessories We Can't Live Without

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Whether you're a college student, office worker, or just an Apple fan, a new iPad can be a life-changing purchase. 

These are some of our favorite stands, cases, pencil cases, pencil stands, and overall accessories no matter which iPad you own. 


1. Magnetic Stand ($89.99)


Made in Korea to ensure quality, this stand utilizes strong magnets to keep your tablet in place. The adjustable viewing angle that is not commonly found in most iPad stands is perfect for any WFH or dual-monitor set-up. Definitely a long-term investment that's worth the price. 

2. Classic Apple Pencil Case ($14.49)

A trendy pencil case that looks like an analog pencil? Say no more! While there are currently more color options available for the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil, we still have a version for the original Apple Pencil 1 with the lightning port connection.

Note: When installing your Apple Pencil case, make sure you have the side labeled "magnetic" aligned with the flat part of your Apple Pencil otherwise it will not charge.


3. Tablet and Laptop Sleeve ($30.99)


We've always been frustrated with tablet & laptop cases that only come with literally one pocket for your device. Luckily, the designers here at elago stepped up to the challenge and designed the perfect (and we mean perfect) case. Not only is there an additional smaller pouch on the front to hold accessories or a smartphone, but there are additional slots and pockets on the inside to maximize capacity in a minimal way. 

Available in 3 sizes and multiple colors. 


4. Home Stand for Apple Pencil and Any Tablet Stylus ($16.99)

Available in 3 different color variations, this stand is what it is—a home for your stylus (complete with a little chimney)!

Looking for a simpler design? Check out our Silicone Stand


5. iPad Smart Folio Case ($18.99)


Available with or without a clasp and in a renewed magnetic version. Be sure to thoroughly read through the compatibility and purchase the one that is right for your model of iPad!


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The Best Affordable AirPods 1&2 Accessories (2023)

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While upgrading from from traditional wired headphones to AirPods can be exciting, it can also be daunting given how they are a more luxurious purchase choice and are unsurprisingly easy to lose.

Luckily the team here at elago has you covered with some of the best accessories for your AirPods 1&2.

1. Silicone Hang Case for AirPods 1&2 ($6.99)

The tops of all AirPods cases can naturally come loose after a while based on how you handle your AirPods, which is why in addition to the adhesive tape included with all our cases, we made the duo case that comes with two different top covers. Mix and match the colors, or refresh your case if you start to feel the top part loosen. 

2. AW6 iPod Shuffle Case for AirPods 1&2 ($12.99)

Looking for more fun options than a simple solid color case? While the team's personal favorite is this one that resembles a nostalgic and retro iPod Shuffle, we have a variety of cases available ranging from Chocolate Ice Cream to a classic Gameboy

3. EarHooks for AirPods 1&2 ($13.99)

Not only are these EarHooks incredibly easy to store (just use a carabiner to clip them to the side of your AirPods case), but they are also a necessity if you find that your AirPods slip out easily, especially during exercise.

Another added bonus use we've found is that you can wear them on long plane or car rides when you fall asleep with your AirPods in and don't want to risk them falling out.

Not a fan of EarHooks? No problem! We also have an AirPods Strap as well as a smaller version of the classic EarHooks

4. Wrist Fit Adapter ($8.99)

Speaking of working out, if you also own an Apple Watch in addition to your AirPods, you might want to check out the Wrist Fit Adapter. We've found that running with an AirPods case in your pocket can feel bulky, so as a solution we designed a simple way to carry only your AirPods on your wrist—right next to your Apple Watch. 

5. Dust Guard for AirPods 1&2 ($12.99)

Listen, if you your AirPods case is already scratched up, I understand—so is mine. However, if you're reading this and your case still looks new, it's not too late. Make sure you pick up these simple Dust Guard stickers to protect the inside of your AirPods case from inevitable scratches, gunk, and dust. You'll definitely be thanking us when it comes time to clean your AirPods case because these make the job several times easier.

Note that the installation on this one is a bit more complex, so be sure to watch our instructional video. 

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