Turn Your Apple Devices into a Mini Macintosh

Turn Your Apple Devices into a Mini Macintosh

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In a world where technology seamlessly blends with aesthetics, you might be looking for a modern acclamation where it all began: the original Macintosh.

It started with our AW3 AirPods case that we embossed with the classic cursive "hello" across the front. It was modeled after the original Macintosh computer to pay homage to the products we create accessories for here at elago. Then we decided to make a mini Mac with a display—the W3 charging stand for the Apple Watch Ultra.

As we continue to design products with the hope that they resonate with an audience that appreciates nostalgic pieces as much as we do. In the latest lineup, we've brought our classic design to a magsafe charging stand for the iPhone. 

In the words of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc. "They are totally fantastic, amazing how good such a simple idea can be."

Check out all of our nostalgic designs below!

AW3 Case for AirPods Pro

Where it all began

Also available for the AirPods 1&2 as well as AirPods 3

W3 Stand for Apple Watch Ultra

A delightful fusion of vintage charm and modern convenience.

The Apple Watch screen adds a sense of realism mimicking a vintage computer.

MagSafe M4 Charging Stand

Say hello to the latest addition to our family

Collect Your Cables

Perfectly fit your Apple MagSafe charger in the stand so you can prop up and charge your iPhone. The magic lies in the stand's ability to seamlessly integrate your MagSafe charger, effortlessly converting it into a sturdy perch for your iPhone. This functional elegance not only simplifies your charging routine but also elevates the aesthetics of your workspace. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and hello to a tidy, organized desk. Our cleverly designed ventilation hole also allows heat to escape through to prevent overheating when charging

Standby Mode with Style

iOS 17 brought on a new aesthetic desktop addition — Standby mode. This mode is automatically activated when your phone is charging and rotated horizontally. Looking to keep your phone in place while charging in Standby mode? All of our MagSafe stands are the perfect standby experience. 


Learn more about Standby mode here. Shop all of elago's MagSafe accessories here

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