Product Spotlight: Cable Management

Product Spotlight: Cable Management

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Having trouble keeping your home office clutter-free? Is the way you work with technology affecting your productivity? The trouble could be with your workspace and the way you organize. Luckily, at elago we've got you covered with some small, but powerful tech accessories that will help you stay organized. Welcome to your new workspace.

1. Magnetic Cable Management 

This Magnetic Cable Management strip comes with a horizontal bar that can connect three magnets. Simple slip the cords you want to organize into the magnetic button and pop in on and off the strip when you need it. We love utilizing these magnets that snap and hold everything in place. Looking for something less minimal and more adorable? Check out our LINE FRIENDS cable management set!

2. Cable Management Button

As opposed to magnetic attachment, these individual buttons adhere with residue-free glue, and are easy to install with an easy peel and stick. Use them around your entire workspace to organize cables on surfaces, behind monitors, or even underneath your desk. The possibilities are endless when our simple and sleek accessories create a clutter-free finish. 

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