Minimalism is a big trend these days, which is why elago’s notebooks are essential to bringing that minimalist lifestyle into your studies. Not only less is more, but it also helps you to focus on your studies with minimal distraction.


The elago notebook comes in a range of colors - you can either buy them in a set of 4 or in singles, depending on how many notes (or doodling) you plan on tackling throughout your day. These notebooks look extra sleek, professional, and especially work well for graduates looking to impress an employer. These notebooks tell people you’re serious about what you do and take your future seriously.

Of course, if you’re looking to dress up a fun backup notebook, consider the blank front and back cover a blank slate for any original artwork, stickers, patches, and more to showcase who you truly are! We want to encourage the best you to come forward and get noticed with all of our products.


But let’s look inside the notebook for a moment. elago not only takes pride in the exterior design of the notebook, but the interior page design as well. Each line gives the writer a calming sense of focus and accomplishment, giving one an eager anticipation to keep your creative pen flowing.


The other exquisite detail to the elago notebook is that it’s not bound by a metallic spiral. We have found that notebooks bound by a spiral tend to cause pages to loosen and eventually fall out, often losing your work entirely. elago’s notebook pages are literally sewn into the back and front covers, allowing for more durability and strength to keep your work from harm. We realized long ago that notebooks do quite a bit of traveling at times and need to sustain a beating so we want to make sure your pages can last forever.


Each handcrafted notebook comes with 40 sheets (80 pages can be used total) for any thought you would like recorded. We personally love the Kraft notebook (shown in the photo above) because it has a more natural, earthy appearance and can go with any piece of decor in your home, office, or classroom. The thin, sleek design of all of our notebooks also makes for easy travel without worrying if the notebook will fit in your backpack, briefcase, or luggage. It’s truly a unique writing partner, and one you won’t find in any major outlets. Why not strive to be one of a kind with a one of a kind accessory!


Emma Stone once said, “What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” Designed in California, and created in Korea, elago prides itself on creating products you won’t find anywhere else. We enjoy attracting a crowd that loves to think differently and be different because being different is the only thing that will get you noticed in a sea of competitors. 

Feel free to look through our catalog for all of our stellar state of the art products, including MacBook covers, home automation, car mounts, stylus products, nest mounts and more. elago is a one-stop-shop company covering all of your simple sophistication needs.

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