Now that summer vacation is coming to an end, it’s time to start planning on what you’ll need to kick the school year off to a great beginning. You’ve got your pens, pencils, and folders, but do you have those much-needed tech devices ready to go? Outside of laptops and iPads, elago has everything you need to make sure the new school year is an enjoyable experience. We also think you’ll be especially impressed with the attention to detail elago prides themselves in with the convenient products below.

1. MacBook Laptop Stand

elago’s macbook laptop stands were created to give the user ease while typing reports or reading text books, either at school or in the comfort of the user’s own home. The cool thing about this stand is it comes in a variety of colors like champagne (pictured below), dark grey, and silver in both L3 and L4 options.


The stand’s aluminum panel cools laptops by acting as heat sink. The single piece aluminum design also provides solid stability, and a handy cable organizer that hides away messy cables. The height raises the screen so it’s eye to eye with the user, preventing a slouched posture.

1. A Phone Case for your favorite phone.

Purchase some fresh clothes for the new school year? Check. Got a new backpack? Check. Now, all you need is the right phone case for your Galaxy S9. elago has a ton of options when it comes to your mobile device, and the catalog is not limited to Galaxy phones only - we also offer iPhone case options as well!


Our Galaxy phone cases come in Black (like the case pictured above), Jean Indigo, and white. Our S9 cases come in the same colors as well. Now you can fully match your wardrobe and accessories with your Galaxy phone!

1. AirPods Wrist Fit Adapter

AirPods have made listening to music, podcasts, or even your teacher’s recorded lesson for the day much easier, but finding an accessible place to keep your AirPods can be tricky. This is why we thought there’s no place handier than keeping your AirPods attached to your Apple Watch.


The AirPods wrist fit adapter is a perfect place to store your AirPods when you’re not using them or if they run out of battery life so you can keep them close at all times. But if you don’t have an Apple Watch but would like something similar to store your AirPods, elago offers the AirPods Wrist Fit. 

AirPods Wrist Fit.jpg

AirPods not included.

If you’re looking for more products to satisfy your back to school needs, we urge you check out elago’s catalog filled with tech goodies. The plus side to the elago brand is they make coming home to do your schoolwork way more exciting with their home accessory and automation products. The elago brand is a trusted one across the globe, one that ensures their customers are pleased, offering warranties, sales, and more.

Our products are made from non-toxic silicone that is harmless to the human body (silicone is usually used to create medical devices and baby bottles) so our products are safe and free from harm. 

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