Cleaning up the clutter within your home and giving yourself a more organized space is key to a stress-free life. Interior designers recommend taking anything that can be picked up off the floor, such as hangable shelves, picture frames or even wifi routers, and hang them onto the wall to free up that much-needed space. Lucky for you, the elago Google Wifi Mount is just the product that’ll help take up less space!


Tired of drilling screws and hammering nails into your wall only to have those holes exposed when you move your wall mounts? You won’t have to worry about holes anymore with this handy mount can be secured to any electrical outlet in your home. The best part is that the mount also consolidates your router’s cables within the back, keeping them practically out of sight. Simply wrap the cord on the backside of the bracket and you’re all set! This makes things much easier in the case you want to re-arrange where your Google Wifi will live in your home. No mess, no stress.

Despite having your Google Wifi within the wall mount, the power light is still visible so you know your Wifi is connected and working properly.


Supporting a functional design, the elago Google Wifi Wall Mount is made from a high grade and non-toxic silicone that is harmless to the human body. All of elagos products are safe for any household and especially safe for children. It also comes in two colors, white or light grey, depending on what suits your home color scheme the best. Note: Everything goes with white!


Measuring at 112mm in width, 170mm in height and 50mm deep, the elago wall mount stays completely out of the way, almost to the point where you’ll forget it’s even there. Routers can take up so much space, which is why people are raving that this wall mount can be placed in those hard-to-reach electrical outlets. Place your Google Wifi Wall Mount there and you’ll never have to return for it again! Out of sight, out of mind is the best way to go when it comes to home improvement.


However it should be noted, the elago Google Wifi Mount does not include the Google wifi itself, but merely an easy to place the mount in case you already have the wifi or are looking to purchase one soon. The mount also works as a great gift for someone that needs a little help decluttering their home. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member and what else are friends for if not to help each other organize.


If you’re loving the Google Wifi Wall Mount and looking for more wall mounts to spruce up your other household tech devices, please check out our wall mounts for the Echo Dot, Nest Thermostat, Nest Hello, and Home Hub Mount. And don’t forget to become an elago member where you can receive weekly promotional emails with discount codes, news, and 5% off for every purchase! 

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