When thinking of cool, fresh ways to update up your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and home office, most people never think of their nightstand as a place that could also use plenty of focus as well. Nightstands are known as the “leftover” space, where snacks, books, phones, and other assortments tend to live, so why not make that space look as clean as the rest of your home. Here are 5 cool accessories to give your nightstand a cleaner more organized look from elago!


No more groggily trying to find your Apple Watch in the morning to check your texts and emails. Here we have a stand that keeps your Apple Watch upright for easy display, and to reduce damage. This Apple Watch stand also provides more room on your nightstand’s surface for other equally important personal items you’d like to have within arm’s reach and comes in an array of colors such as red, lovely pink, and black. The elago cellphone stand costs only $9.99.


Tired of keeping your headphone jacks, audio splitters and house keys separate, only to lose one, if not all of them, throughout the day? elago created a handy Keyring Splitter to advance your organizational skills (something we all could use a little help with). This particular Keyring Splitter comes in white which will also give your nightstand a much cleaner appearance. Simply unscrew the splitter’s lock and add or remove your keys! The Keyring Splitter costs only $9.99.


We love stands at elago because they not only make finding your home tech devices easier, it makes your life easier as a result. Apple remotes are sneaky little devices that somehow can get lost within seconds from the last place you put it. But with elago’s stand and sleek case, you will no longer have to spend wasted minutes looking through your bed sheets for that important device when the stand will serve you as a reminder of where place the remote each time your finished using it. If you’re also eyeing the Apple Watch stand, that is also available through elago as well! The D Stand costs only $19.99 and $8.99.


Nothing is worse than having multiple cables laying about your bedroom. Organization will only decrease the stress in your life and the elago Cable Management Button is here to help. With elago’s stands and charging stations, you can now not only keep your devices, such as Apple Watches, Apple TV remotes, and more in one easy to find place, the Cable Management Button will also reduce the amount of room your charging wires take up! The Cable Management Button costs only $9.99.

If you’re looking to further spice up your nightstand either through organization or to simply apply a much cleaner aesthetic, we highly recommend perusing all of elago’s catalog for your bedroom or guest room’s feng shui needs. From Apple Watch stands, to USB LED lights, to Headphone stands, elago is your one-stop-shop for tech devices that aid in home improvement of all kinds.

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