Have you ever visited another country, or even a friend one block over, only to find their electrical outlets aren’t compatible to whatever you’re needing to plug in to get that sweet electrical juice? A laptop, a cell phone charger, or maybe just your hair dryer. It’s frustrating, we know! But you can now throw away all of those other pesky adapters you need to carry around with you because elago has released the end-all, be-all adapter you’ll ever want.


No, the below image is not a prop from Mission: Impossible where Tom Cruise needs to plug in his battery-powered night vision goggles. It’s actually the “Tripshell - World Traveler Adapter” and it’s shockingly compatible with outlets in over 150 countries. It seems like an insane feat but if you get a good look at it, it’s like the swiss army knife of adapters. Now you can juice up your hair dryer, curling iron, electric razor, reading lamp, desktop computer, television and really anything else you might need electricity in any place all over the world!

The adapter that has it all.

The adapter that has it all.

Did you know 48% of people in the world have to purchase a brand new adapter after arriving to their destination? That’s a lot of people with traveller headaches, but you don’t have to be one of those sad people in that percentile. states, “Computers are electronic devices and therefore they must be used with a transformer, unless they are dual voltage. Fortunately, nowadays all laptop, tablet and phone chargers are dual voltage, so they can be used with only a travel adapter.” The Tripshell adapter works for both MAC and PC computers and laptops as well.

The all-in-one adapter is equipped with child safety shutters and a power rating of 2.5A max. The adapter comes in black for a sleek design and to not be confused with your other Mac laptop adapters. When you’re traveling and on the go, we want you to recognize this Tripshell adapter when you need it most!


Remembering to pack this baby is totally worth forgetting to take that book you’ve been meaning to finish on the plane. 

“Hold on. This adapter is great, but I need to charge my cell phone and totally forgot that adapter!” Don’t worry, elago has your back on that front too. Introducing the “Tripshell World Travel Adapter & Dual USB Adapter”. Aside from working in over 150 countries as well, you can charge your MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, speakers, and various other devices during your travels.


Travelling just got a whole lot easier. That is if you act fast and buy one of these today! Especially since they’re on sale at the low price of $12.99 (normally $18.99). Make sure to visit the rest of elago’s catalogue for other fantastic tech devices, and remember the 5 keys to buying an adapter for travel: Don’t buy it at the airport, smaller is better, it only converts plugs (not voltages) and you only need to buy one.

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