You don’t have to be an international man of mystery to want the latest in computer and tech devices. In fact, you don’t even have to be wealthy at all to own some of 2019’s coolest pieces. elago has thankfully kept the common person in mind when it comes to turning your home office into a place that even James Bond himself would be jealous of.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond

1. The Aluminum Mouse Pad

Let’s be honest, mouse pads can be kind of a gross accessory to your nice office. Either the design on the pad is tacky, or the grease and sweat from your hand has rubbed off over the months that it’s beginning to look more like a worn shoe than something you want touching your mouse. elago’s Aluminum Mouse Pad is a stylish addition to your desk, extremely sleek and stable while you surf the web...or keep track of super villains trying to take over the world. We’re really running with this James Bond thing so just let us have our fun.


The mouse pad comes in a variety of colors like Jean Indigo, Orange, Hot Pink, and Champagne Gold. Cut from a slab of aluminum, elago wanted to give this new mouse pad design a sleek edge while also keeping your work space crisp and clean.  Watch out, Oddjob, you might have some throwing competition with this one. Note: You should definitely not throw the elago mousepad at statues to demonstrate how awesome they are.


2. Echo Dot 2nd Generation Outlet Wall Mount


James Bond certainly wouldn’t leave his echo sitting around his hotel suite like some common person. He’d use this handy wall mount to avoid the clutter, especially for when he has guests over for a late night martini.

You can mount your Echo Dot in any room and doesn’t affect Alexa’s performance or its microphone. The mount comes in white and black colors, in case your inner James Bond is feeling naughty or nice. We can hear that Monty Norman theme playing already.


The other plus side to the Echo Dot 2nd Generation Outlet Wall Mount is that you don’t need to be a criminal mastermind to install it. Mount your Echo Dot on any electrical outlet you want. No need to drill any holes to mount your units if you have more than one. See, anyone can use technology!

After you’ve received your wall mount and purchased your Echo Dot separately, all you have to do is log into your Alexa account through your home computer, find the Echo Dot within the list of new devices and then select update wifi.

3. R1 Intelli Case - Nightglow Blue


Even James Bond needs a night in. Traveling the world, keeping her Majesty safe can be downright exhausting. That’s when you gotta turn on the Apple TV and chill. Now, with the elago R1 Intelli Case, you can chill in style while never losing the remote! And nothing would embarrass a secret agent more than not being able to find where the remote went. This particular case comes in Nightglow Blue and uses powerful magnets in the Intelli Case to allow you to attach the remote to any metal surface including some televisions. Now that’s boss.

The case also comes in Jean Indigo, Red, Milky White, and Clear White. And of course, Nightglow Blue as featured above.

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